Forgejo v1.19 release candidates

Today Forgejo v1.19.0-0-rc0 was released. It is meant for testing only: do not upgrade a production instance with it.

The draft release notes contain a summary of the new features. The highlights are:

The Actions experimental CI/CD, although not ready for real world usage, is also present and can be used to run a demo.

Make sure to check the breaking changes and get your production instance ready for when the v1.19 release is available.

Try it out

The release candidate is published in the dedicated “experimental” Forgejo organization and can be downloaded from:

They will be updated based on your feedback until they become robust enough to be released.

Help write good release notes

The best release notes are meant to articulate the needs and benefits of new features and the actions recommended for breaking changes so Forgejo admins quickly know if it is of interest to them.

The current draft release notes contain a complete inventory but the descriptions are still incomplete. They will be finished by the time the release is published and you can help make them better.

Please submit your own descriptions and comments in our issue tracker.

Contribute to Forgejo

If you have any feedback or suggestions for Forgejo, we’d love to hear from you! Open an issue on our issue tracker for feature requests or bug reports. You can also find us on the Fediverse, or drop by our Matrix space (main chat room) to say hi!