Comparison with other Forges

There are many alternatives to Forgejo. All of them bring their advantages and disadvantages. Comparing them feature by feature, however, is a task that is inherently biased, and due to the nature of evolving software, also immediately outdated. Thus, such an attempt will not be made. Instead, the comparisons herein will focus on the deep, fundamental, persistent differences between the various forges.

When it comes to features, the best course of action is to consult the documentation of each forge you’re considering, or - if available - try their hosted versions to see what’s available.

There is also a summary which compares Forgejo with its origin Gitea. Read that instead, if you are considering to upgrade from Gitea.


Hosted versionPublic Instances?YesYesYes
100% Free SoftwareYesCE/EE1CE/EENoYes
Container ImagesYesYesYesNo?
Distribution-specific PackagesYesYesYesNoAlpine-Linux only

Governance and transparency

Forgejo considers transparency and democratic governance key. The user’s freedom is our core value. We have established radically transparent workflows. Since none of the evaluated competitors is similarly auditable (e.g. no information about decisions in the Gitea TOC), it is hard to compare them here.

Democratic decision makingYesLimitedNoNo?
Radical transparencyYesNoNoNoPartial
Controlled byNon-profit Codeberg e.V.not clearFor-profitMicrosoftSmall company
FundingTransparently documentedUnclearSalesUnclearPaid accounts

Made for

How much do the compared solutions suit the different use cases?

Tiny machines (e.g. self-hosting on a Raspberry Pi)YesYesNo---Yes
Share code to the publicYesYesYesYesYes
Projects that value privacyYesMostlyMostlyNoYes
Closed teams (e.g. company networks)YesYesYesExpensiveYes
Collectives who offer public serviceYes (Moderation is WIP)Yes (Moderation is WIP)YesNoYes
Requirement for project managementNot yetNot yetYesNot yetNo
Advanced CI requirementsNot yetNot yetYesYesYes


  1. Gitea’s cloud offering contains a small portion of code currently not available in the Free variant, thus making Gitea Open Core. GitLab’s official servers run an enterprise version with source-available (Open Core).