Moderation tools

Moderation tools are meant to help the Forgejo users and admins cope with spam bots and undesirable interactions.

[admin].SEND_NOTIFICATION_EMAIL_ON_NEW_USER can be set to true on small Forgejo instances with an open registration. Such instances are subject to occasional spam bots registrations and saves the admin the trouble to check on a regular basis. Read more in the config cheat sheet.

On large instances the moderation team may be too busy with fighting spam to handle problematic relationships between users. Self moderation tools may help in this case and allow users to block any unwanted interaction from another user. Read more in the user blocking guide.

To delete a user, including all the repositories or issues they created the Forgejo admin can either:

  • Use the administration panel of the web interface
  • Use the forgejo admin user delete --purge command line. Read more in the command line documentation.