Seek Assistance

NOTE: When asking for support, it may be a good idea to have the following available so that the person helping has all the info they need:

  1. Your app.ini (with any sensitive data scrubbed as necessary).

  2. The Forgejo logs, and any other appropriate log files for the situation.

    • When using systemd, use journalctl --lines 1000 --unit forgejo to collect logs.
    • When using docker, use docker logs --tail 1000 <forgejo-container> to collect logs.
    • By default, the logs are outputted to console. If you need to collect logs from files, you could copy the following config into your app.ini (remove all other [log] sections), then you can find the *.log files in Forgejo’s log directory (default: %(FORGEJO_WORK_DIR)/log).
    ; To show all SQL logs, you can also set LOG_SQL=true in the [database] section
  3. Any error messages you are seeing.

  4. If you meet slow/hanging/deadlock problems, please report the stack trace when the problem occurs:

    1. Enable pprof in app.ini and restart Forgejo.

      ENABLE_PPROF = true
    2. Trigger the bug, when Forgejo gets stuck, use curl or browser to visit: (IP must be and port must be 6060).

    3. If you are using Docker, please use docker exec -it <container-name> curl "".

    4. Report the output (the stack trace doesn’t contain sensitive data).