All Forgejo credentials are shared among the secret keepers teams in a private repository with encrypted content.

Get started

  1. Make sure you have a GPG Key, or create one
  2. Send someone else your public key and ask this person to add yourself as a recipient
# Commands for the other person
$ gpg --import public_key.asc
# The following command will open a prompt, with the available public keys.
# Choose the one you just added and all secrets will be re-encrypted with this new key.
$ gopass recipients add
  1. Install gopass

    :warning: When installing on Ubuntu or Debian you can either download the deb package, install manually or build from source or use our APT repository (github comment with more information).

  2. Clone this repo using gopass (the name and email are for git config)
$ gopass clone
  1. Check the consistency of the gopass storage
$ gopass fsck

Get a secret

Show the whole secret file:

$ gopass show

Copy the password in the clipboard:

$ gopass show -c

Copy the user part of the secret in the clipboard:

$ gopass show -c user

Insert or edit a secret

$ gopass edit

In the editor, insert the password on the first line. You may then add lines with a key: value syntax (user: username for instance).

Debugging and manual git operations

The following command will show the location and status of the git repo (all git commands are available).

$ gopass git status