Conan Package Registry

Publish Conan packages for your user or organization.


To work with the Conan package registry, you need to use the conan command line tool to consume and publish packages.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry you need to configure a new Conan remote:

conan remote add {remote}{owner}/conan
conan user --remote {remote} --password {password} {username}
remoteThe remote name.
usernameYour Forgejo username.
passwordYour Forgejo password. If you are using 2FA or OAuth use a personal access token instead of the password.
ownerThe owner of the package.

For example:

conan remote add forgejo
conan user --remote forgejo --password password123 testuser

Publish a package

Publish a Conan package by running the following command:

conan upload --remote={remote} {recipe}
remoteThe remote name.
recipeThe recipe to upload.

For example:

conan upload --remote=forgejo ConanPackage/1.2@forgejo/final

The Forgejo Conan package registry has full revision support.

Install a package

To install a Conan package from the package registry, execute the following command:

conan install --remote={remote} {recipe}
remoteThe remote name.
recipeThe recipe to download.

For example:

conan install --remote=forgejo ConanPackage/1.2@forgejo/final

Supported commands

conan install
conan get
conan info
conan search
conan upload
conan user
conan download
conan remove