Reverse proxy

Forgejo supports Reverse Proxy Header authentication, it will read headers as a trusted login user name or user email address. This hasn’t been enabled by default, you can enable it with


The default login user name is in the X-WEBAUTH-USER header, you can change it via changing [security].REVERSE_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_USER in app.ini. If the user doesn’t exist, you can enable automatic registration with ENABLE_REVERSE_PROXY_AUTO_REGISTRATION=true.

The default login user email is X-WEBAUTH-EMAIL, you can change it via changing [security].REVERSE_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_EMAIL in app.ini, this could also be disabled with ENABLE_REVERSE_PROXY_EMAIL

If set ENABLE_REVERSE_PROXY_FULL_NAME=true, a user full name expected in X-WEBAUTH-FULLNAME will be assigned to the user when auto creating the user. You can also change the header name with [security].REVERSE_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_FULL_NAME.

You can also limit the reverse proxy’s IP address range with [security].REVERSE_PROXY_TRUSTED_PROXIES which default value is,::1/128. By [security].REVERSE_PROXY_LIMIT, you can limit trusted proxies level.

Notice: Reverse Proxy Auth doesn’t support the API. You still need an access token or basic auth to make API requests.