Branch and tag protection

Protected branches

Protected branches enforce restrictions such as force pushing or merging unless a given number of approval are obtained on a pull request.

To protect a branch, you need to go to the repository’s Settings > Branch page and add a new rule.

Add a new rule

The name of the branch can be a glob where / is the separator and ** spans accross separators. For instance main, release/**orprecious\*.

If two rules apply to the same branch, the one that has no glob takes precedence.

Protected tags

Protected tags allow control over who has permission to create or update Git tags. Each rule allows you to match either an individual tag name, or use an appropriate pattern to control multiple tags at once.

Setting up protected tags

To protect a tag, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the repository’s Settings > Tags page.
  2. Type a pattern to match a name. You can use a single name, a glob pattern or a regular expression.
  3. Choose the allowed users and/or teams. If you leave these fields empty no one is allowed to create or modify this tag.
  4. Select Save to save the configuration.

Pattern protected tags

The pattern uses glob or regular expressions to match a tag name. For regular expressions you need to enclose the pattern in slashes.


TypePattern Protected TagPossible Matching Tags
Globv*v, v-1, version2
Globv[0-9]v0, v1 up to v9
Glob*-release2.1-release, final-release
Globforgejoonly forgejo
Glob*forgejo*forgejo, 2.1-forgejo, 1_forgejo-r
Glob{v,rel}-*v-, v-1, v-final, rel-, rel-x
Glob*matches all possible tag names
Regex/\Av/v, v-1, version2
Regex/\Av[0-9]\z/v0, v1 up to v9
Regex/\Av\d+\.\d+\.\d+\z/v1.0.17, v2.1.0
Regex/\Av\d+(\.\d+){0,2}\z/v1, v2.1, v1.2.34
Regex/-release\z/2.1-release, final-release
Regex/forgejo/forgejo, 2.1-forgejo, 1_forgejo-r
Regex/\Aforgejo\z/only forgejo
Regex/^forgejo$/only forgejo
Regex/\A(v|rel)-/v-, v-1, v-final, rel-, rel-x
Regex/.+/matches all possible tag names